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Term Dates 2013 - 2014

Listed below are the term and holiday dates for next academic year 2013/14

SCHOOL CLOSED PD DAY 1: Tuesday 3rd September, 2013

Autumn Term Begins

Wednesday 4th September,2013

Autumn half term:

SCHOOL CLOSED, PD DAY: Friday 25th October, 2013

Return Monday 4th November, 2013

Christmas holidays:

Break up Friday 20th December, 2013

Return Monday 6th January,2014  

Spring half term:

Break up Friday 14th February,2014

Return Monday 24th February, 2014

Easter holidays:

Break up Friday 11th April 2014

Return Monday 28th April 2014

Summer half term:

Break up Friday 23rd May 2014

Return Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Summer holiday

Break up Friday 18th July

There will be 1 more PD DAY to be confirmed

A Celebration of Work


Starting school, either in a nursery class or in a reception class, can be an anxious time for both parents and children. We hope that the following information will help you to understand the process for choosing a school and applying for a place in that school. 

Information regarding the Local Authorities Admission's Policies can be found here.

Redcar and Cleveland Admissions Contact Details:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team (01642-444108/444110) or the Choice Adviser (01642-444193) for more information, alternatively you can

Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 08:30-17:00, Fri: 08.30-16:30

St. Margaret Clitherow Contact Details:

Tel: 01642 835370

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School Admission Policy

 St Margaret Clitherow’s Catholic Primary School

Admissions Policy

Date Oct 2013

To be reviewed Nov 2015

N Jamalizadeh 


Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2013/14 (Consult every 7 years)

Last consulted 2012

St Margaret Clitherow’s is a Catholic School in the Diocese of Middlesbrough. All those involved in our school – parents, pupils, staff and governors – share a common purpose and common Gospel values. This means they are committed to promoting:


At St Margaret Clitherow’s, we believe that with

Jesus at the heart of everything we do, we will 

enable every member of our school family to :


   educate children and provide opportunities for all members of our school family to achieve to the best of their ability; aspire to be the best that they can and belong to a school family who love and protect each other, and  praise God by following in the footsteps of  Jesus.

The Governors have the duty to ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with the values reflected in the school’s mission statement. They are also legally responsible for ensuring that the distinctive nature of the Catholic education is preserved and developed.


Admissions to the Nursery at St Margaret Clitherow’s does not guarantee admission to St Margaret Clitherow’s Primary School. It is a voluntary aided school in which the governing body is responsible for admissions.



Admissions number

Under the provisions of 1998 Education Act and the subsequent D.E.E. Circular 12/98 the standard number for admission has been fixed at 47   .


Admissions date

The Governing Body will admit children into school in September of the academic year that they turn five.


Admissions criteria

Whenever there are more applications than places available, priority will  be given to  applicants in accordance with the over subscription criteria listed below. All applicants are required to declare their positive support for the aims and ethos of the school.

Where the offer of a place to all applicants in any of the categories listed above would lead to oversubscription, the following criteria will be applied: )      

  1. Looked after’ children (Children who are subject to care orders or who are accommodated by the Children’s Services Department on a voluntary basis.) 
  2. Baptised Catholic children from practising families who are resident in the parish of St Andrew’s for whom St Margaret Clitherow’s is the nearest Catholic school.
  3. Other baptised Catholic children.
  4. children who are permanently resident in the admission zone defined for the school. (A copy of the schools admission zone is set out at the end of the policy) For the purposes of determining whether a child lives within the admission zone, only the address at which the parent/guardian ordinarily resides and with whom the child normally lives will be taken into account.

    If parents are separated and the child lives for periods of time with both parents, the address used will be of the parent who receives child benefit for the child.  You may be asked to provide proof.  Short term tenancies entered into with the prime objective of securing admission for a child at a particular school will not qualify as places of ordinary residence.  The Authority will take action should false information be submitted in order to secure a place at a particular school.

5. Children not living in the admission zone who have elder brothers or sisters attending the school in the 2011/12 school year. (Brothers and sisters and step brothers and sisters will qualify under this criterion as long as they both live at the same permanent address and the elder sibling is still attending the preferred school in the 2011/12 school year
Sibling refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, or the child of the parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom the school place is sought is living in the same family unit at the same address as that sibling.)

  1. children not living within the admission zone who have exceptional social and/or medical reasons for attending a particular school, professionally supported by an independent third party and sustained by the Authority’s professional advisors. Social reasons generally do not include domestic circumstances such as parents’ working commitments, childcare arrangements, separation from friends.
    In the case of medical reasons, evidence would need to demonstrate the exceptional long-term nature of the condition.  All mainstream schools are able to cater for a wide range of medical needs which may be encountered by children.
    You are strongly urged to provide independent third party information (e.g., from a professional person who knows or is involved with your child) in support of any exceptional long term medical or social reason why you think your child should be given special consideration for placement in a particular school.  This written support must make clear why the preferred school is the only school which could meet your child’s needs.
    The submission of independent information will not automatically guarantee a place under this criterion.  However, the evidence will be carefully considered by the Authority’s professional advisors as to whether or not your application falls into this category.)
  2. children living closest to the school (The distance from home to school will be measured by computer on a straight line basis using the number and postcode of the house and the postcode of the school.)
  3. Any other applicants whose parents are in sympathy with the aims and ethos of the school.


Children with a statement of SEN, where the statement names St Margaret Clitherow’s, will be admitted to the school, regardless of admission number.


Attendance of a child at a particular nursery school does not entitle him/her to a place in a particular primary school.  Places at primary school are offered in accordance with the criteria outlined in this table.


Tie break


If it is necessary to distinguish between children within categories 1 to 6, places will be offered using the criteria listed above, in priority order, and determined by measurement on a straight line basis, using the n umber and postcode of the house and postcode of the school. In the case of a tie break, in categories 7 and 8, the final allocation will be determined using the shortest walking route, using the number and postcode of the house and the postcode of the school.


Applications procedures


Under the coordinated admissions scheme, the Local Authority (LA) will offer places in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Allocation of places will be determined by the governing body. A supplementary form in addition to the application form should be completed. The application form will be issued by the LA, along with the supplementary form. The latter is also available at the school upon request.


Parents will be informed, by letter, of whether they have been successful in their application, through the LA.


Applications outside of the normal round of admissions


Where applications are received for admission to school during the school year and there is space in the year group, the parent will be offered a place.

For applications made to a year group that will become above its admissions number, that is full or has exceeded its admission number, parents will be able to appeal to an independent appeals panel.

The appeal panel will take heed of the following:-


  • ·                     Key Stage 1 classes should not exceed 30              


From September 2011, all applications outside the normal round of admissions, must be done through the LA and you should therefore contact the School admissions Team directly on 01642 444410


Admission Zone for St Margaret Clitherow’s Primary

Presented and approved by full governing body NOVEMBER 2011

Reviewed annually in Autumn term or sooner where required.